Frequently Asked Questions

Please Check Our Knowledge Base Prior To Getting In Touch With Any Queries

Where Are You Based?

We are in the UK but sell and ship the Wedding Photography Blueprint Worldwide.

How Do I Know Your Techniques and Tutorials Will Apply in My Country?

All cameras used worldwide are fundamentally the same. One major difference is that the video frame rates may differ depending on your location but we even cover that in the DVD's.

Other factors such as lighting, composition, posing, low light, lenses, flash, off camera flash etc are all relevant regardless of where you live. The DVD's are universal.

Will They Play On My DVD Player?

Yes. All DVD's are set "region free" (or Region 0) which means they will play on most DVD players regardless of country and any computer, PC or MAC.

Is The Advice Really Technical? Will I Understand It?

We pride ourselves on creating training products that are not only useful and helpful to all standards and experiences of photographer, but also easy to understand regardless of your current knowledge level.

We don't use too many technical terms but when we do, we explain clearly what these mean, sometimes with visual aids. You will be fine!

Is Shipping Extra?

Shipping is FREE for the DVD's to be shipped anywhere in the world. All handling and packing charges at the time of shipping are absorbed by us.

How Big is the Package I Will Receive?

The DVD's will be shipped in a single DVD box set which has the standard dimensions of a DVD case other than its thickness which is 35mm due to holding 8 DVD's. They will be shipped in either a jiffy bag or small box depending on availability.

Do You Offer Support?

Absolutely. Our contact details are on this website and we are available most days. Extra support is available through our private membership site and we offer a free 6 month's membership as part of the package valued at £80, details of which are available upon purchase.


  • "All going well here. Had a productive first wedding season with 12 weddings all in all and quite a few booked for next year. It's been a very enjoyable learning curve and something I wouldn't have been able to start on without your excellent course! - Clive Nolan"

  • "Just wanted to say thanks. I got the DVD course at the end of last year in preparation for a friends wedding. I gave them the photos last week and they are absolutely thrilled. Definitely could not have done it without your help. The basic camera setting you recommend in the DVD was worth the price on it's own. I didn't get a single badly exposed shot " - Lee Brookes, UK."

  • "Nick, Thank you very much. I purchased your Wedding Blueprint last year. Last Saturday, I did my first wedding. I used a lot of your tips and everything went better than planned. Thank you, your DVD's gave me the confidence I needed to do the job. The photos turned out better than I could of expected. Now all I can think of is, Roll on wedding number two, three,......etc etc. - Mick Lumley, IRELAND "

  • "I am so glad that I got that problem with PayPal sorted. I received the discs a few days later and all I want to say is "Wow, probably the best tutorials I have ever bought". The professionalism of the videos, the way it then cuts to show the result in Photoshop is awesome. You've a great manner and no ego and I can see you really want to get it across to your students. - T.H. Dublin."