Being a Full or Part-Time Wedding Photographer

So What is it Really Like Being a Wedding Photographer?

It all depends on how far you push your business to succeed...

Self Employed Photographer

If you are part time at this, shooting weddings professionally at weekends whilst holding down a full time job can get pretty hectic, especially if you have children. You have to juggle the wedding day itself with meeting the couple, doing reccie visits, image processing and only then can you start to think about family life.

That's not to say it isn't more than doable! In fact, that is exactly how most wedding photographers started and this is the best start to eventually becoming a full time photographer if that is the route you want to go. If not, you are still earning a fantastic second income that, for anyone, would be greatly welcomed in these troubled financial times.

However, going this route can easily lead to you jacking in your full time job to go it alone, I have seen it many times from my past students. A scary but fantastic time in your life...freedom.

Once you are a full time wedding photographer with regular work coming in, for me, life couldn't get any better than this. Not only are you doing something you love for a living, but you can also:

Work Your Own Hours

Other than the wedding day itself, you are finally free to set your own hours for work each day. YOU decide when to meet with clients, YOU decide if you want to get up early to process a wedding or rather have a lie in. YOU decide on how hard you want to work in the year. YOU decide your salary...NOT someone else.

Compare an average pay rise that someone may get in a typical job for example. Let's say you earn £25,000 per year and your boss kindly gives you a 5% increase after a years hard work (more than I used to get). That is an extra £1,250 on your salary before tax.

By shooting an extra wedding for say £1,500, you could exceed that figure for just one job! Do two extra weddings and you have more than doubled it. Factor in the earnings you may get from selling stock, shooting portraits and...well, what are you waiting for?

You Are In Control

As a wedding photographer, you have the privilege of being one of the few people that generally sees the bride all day...more than the groom (he normally doesn't see her getting ready prior to the ceremony)!

Inevitably and in many cases, the couple look to you for guidance throughout the day as you are seen as the person with the most experience of weddings, this can be daunting until you gain experience.

All the information in the DVD's helps you to understand the running of a wedding day from both a photographers perspective and the couple's. By the end, you should feel confident enough to take control of certain sections of the day with no problem.

The Wedding Photography Blueprint is also a lesson in man-management and confidence building!

Shoot Stock in Your Spare Time

Why wouldn't any photographer want to shoot stock photography? It makes great use of your spare time, it really isn't as difficult as you may think and many amateur photographers are making plenty of money selling their images online!

You see, being self-employed is hard work but the rewards greatly outweigh the effort required. Imagine shooting 3 or 4 weddings a month, even at say £1000 or $1000 per wedding! Then imagine using your spare time to play with the kids or shoot stock which earns yet another regular, residual income stream. The bonus eBook "How to Sell Stock Photos" will get you on your way.

Myself, I do both. I love going out for family days with the wife and kids and you only have to look through my stock libraries to see how many shots are of our children over the years or out with friends and family having fun whilst photographing them.

You can even take some time out and go for solitary, peaceful walks with your camera all the while looking for those perfect, high selling stock shots.

So, in a perfect world, I would love to see you eventually becoming a full time wedding photographer shooting numerous weddings throughout the summer, the occasional "out of season" wedding and then filling the rest of your time shooting stock, playing with your family, taking holidays and planning your marketing and advertising strategies in between.

For me, that is heaven!


  • "All going well here. Had a productive first wedding season with 12 weddings all in all and quite a few booked for next year. It's been a very enjoyable learning curve and something I wouldn't have been able to start on without your excellent course! - Clive Nolan"

  • "Just wanted to say thanks. I got the DVD course at the end of last year in preparation for a friends wedding. I gave them the photos last week and they are absolutely thrilled. Definitely could not have done it without your help. The basic camera setting you recommend in the DVD was worth the price on it's own. I didn't get a single badly exposed shot " - Lee Brookes, UK."

  • "Nick, Thank you very much. I purchased your Wedding Blueprint last year. Last Saturday, I did my first wedding. I used a lot of your tips and everything went better than planned. Thank you, your DVD's gave me the confidence I needed to do the job. The photos turned out better than I could of expected. Now all I can think of is, Roll on wedding number two, three,......etc etc. - Mick Lumley, IRELAND "

  • "I am so glad that I got that problem with PayPal sorted. I received the discs a few days later and all I want to say is "Wow, probably the best tutorials I have ever bought". The professionalism of the videos, the way it then cuts to show the result in Photoshop is awesome. You've a great manner and no ego and I can see you really want to get it across to your students. - T.H. Dublin."