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We now sell the Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD's through e-Junkie, a great online company that we have used for various other products and had great support and results. Selling our DVD's is a breeze and you only need a simple line of code to start promoting and earning 25% commission for every sale.

How to Sign Up

To start, you will need to sign up for an account at e-Junkie which is free...use this link:

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You should then land on this page below. Just enter your email and password and click "submit":

Wedding Photography Blueprint Affiliates

Next, navigate your way to your affiliate account and click "get affiliate code":

Wedding Photography Blueprint Affiliates

On the next page, from the drop down menu, select Freefly Multimedia Ltd (that's us):

Wedding Photography Blueprint Affiliates

Next, go to the drop down menu that says "get product specific affiliate links and select the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0...click "Get Affiliate Code:

Wedding Photography Blueprint Affiliates

...and there you have your personal affiliate code for the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 DVD's:

Wedding Photography Blueprint Affiliates

When you add this to your website or blog and someone clicks through and purchases the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 DVD's, your account will automatically be accredited with 25% commission. This is paid to you via PayPal once the 30 day guarantee period is complete.

Let's look at this code more closely and what you can do with it.

Using Your Affiliate Code

<a href="https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1137980&c=ib&aff=105497&cl=105497" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to view more details</a>

By adding this code to your site, all you will see is the clickable link text (click the tex below to see where it takes you):

Click here to view more details

If you wanted to use this code to make an image clickable with your affiliate code, you would just use this part of the code:


...and when embedded in the HTML code to make that image clickable, the code would look like this:

<a href="https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1137980&c=ib&aff=105497&cl=105497"><img src="http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/image-files/dvds.jpg" width="212" height="200" alt="Wedding Photography Blueprint"></a>

...and when on your site, it would appear as this:

Wedding Photography Blueprint

If you want to use the code above with that image, just change the e-junkie code (mine) with your own code and place it on your website or blog.

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How to Promote Us

There are many ways in which you can promote us in order to make a few sales but the best policy is honesty...no spamming! Here are a few examples:

  • Websites and Blogs - Review the product
  • Email Lists
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media





Websites and Blogs

One of the best ways to promote our DVD's is through a photography related website or blog that you own or run. You could use the information on our website to give us a write up and promote the benefits of our product to your readers. Maybe put a link or linked image on every page of your site...you could make your own image or use one of ours at the end of this page (right click and save as).

Make sure you do some good SEO to endure your page gets found by the search engines by using (but not spamming or overdoing) certain keywords such as "wedding photography blueprint, learn wedding photography, wedding photography DVD's, start a photography business" and so on...

Email List

If you have an email list or the ability to capture emails through your site or blog (see aWeber), you could do the occasional mailshot promoting the Blueprint. Again, don't spam, but you could write an article each week on the joys and benefits of being a wedding photographer and include your affiliate link to the product each time.

Google Ads

Be a bit careful here as youwill need to monitor your spending and this is something perhaps for the more experienced marketers. If you have a Google account, you can use Google ads to promote our DVD's but again, please do not spam. Any instances of spamming or mis-leading ads could get your Google account closed.

If youare unsure about Google advertising, either don't do it or do some research before spending any money. If you do decide to go this route, here is a piece of advice based on years of online advertising.

A good ad campaign will result in a sale approximately every 100 clicks. Your affiliate earnings of 25% equate to £19.25 per sale at full retail price. So, to make a profit, your ad costs for 100 clicks CPC or Cost Per Click) need to be well below £19.25. For example, if you were spending £1 per click, you would spend £100 to make a sales commission of £19.25...not good.

However, if you were paying just £0.10p per click, you would be spending £10 to get s commission of £19.25 resulting in a profit of £9.25 per sale and once the ads are running, it is commission on auto-pilot. Create a website, blog or page on your existing website and send the ads there. Create some compelling text and images and embed our YouTube video into the page for added pzazz!

Here is the link to the Video: WPB 2.0 Promo Video

To embed this video, click the embed link under the video at YouTube and select a screen size, this will give you the iFrame code. If you prefer the old HTML coding, tick the "use old embed code" checkbox.

Facebook Ads

These work in a similar way to Google ads but do some research before spending any money. If you have a business page, maybe create a new page within it to promote our DVD's.

Social Media

One of the simplest ways to promote us is to use your existing social media circles (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc) to promote us using your affiliate code but again, don't risk your account being closed by spamming and annoying people. Keep it real, professional and helpful.

Sample Email Text

Title 1: Great New Wedding Photography Product




I just thought you might like to see these new wedding photographers training tutorials!


{enter e-Junkie affiliate id and link here}


It seems to have everything you need to get started!


Best regards,


{your name}


Title 2: Learn Wedding Photography




I recently found a great new product that helps amateur and professional photographers to break into the wedding photography business. This is a set of 4 DVD's that cover just about everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner.


One customer says:


"Just wanted to say thanks. I got the DVD course at the end of last year in preparation for a friends wedding. I gave them the photos last week and they are absolutely thrilled. Definitely could not have done it without your help. The basic camera setting you recommend in the DVD was worth the price on it's own. I didn't get a single badly exposed shot"


I think it is definitely worth a look!


{enter e-Junkie affiliate id and link here}




{your name}

Sample Sales Text

The Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 builds on the incredible worldwide success of the original course. The team have taken on board all the feedback over the past four years, mashed it up with new techniques and equipment and produced a fantastic new product that every budding wedding photographer should own.

As you watch the DVD's, you feel like you are on the actual course as the first three DVD's are all classroom based with all the necessary images, clips and screen recordings intertwined at various intervals to help illustrate any important points. The next three DVD's are all location based as you are taken into actual realtime wedding environments such as the church, civil ceremony setting, reception ballroom, local gardens, the beach and a grunge setting for portraits.

DVD 7 is a bonus DVD of sorts which includes nearly two hours of relevant and useful business tips and information to help you with everything from building a website or blog through to online advertising, marketing, social media and pricing.

DVD 8 is another bonus DVD which includes:

  • Two bonus imaging tutorials - 40 minutes
  • 4 interviews with leading industry professionals and an actual wedding couple
  • 5 eBooks including the Wedding Photography Blueprint, How to Sell Stock Photos, The Business of Photography, an Introduction to Property Photography and Let Them Eat Cake...a short but essential eBook on healthy living

The author and professional photographer behind the project is Nick Stubbs, a seasoned, full time professional with over 25 years experience using Medium format cameras, SLR’s and DSLR’s to shoot weddings, portraits, stock and commercial work.

Nick understands the fears and reservations people may have about going it alone as a wedding photographer (either part or full time) but also understands the buzz and excitement that this career path can take.

"Many people are sometimes put off by what they read online or hear at their local camera club about shooting weddings. What we are trying to do is alleviate that fear and encourage all beginners by producing a highly detailed blueprint that will act as a complete foundation course upon which they can build their own style over time."

For more information you can visit their website below:

Go to {insert your affiliate link here}

Best Regards,

{your name}

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Sample Image

Banner Image URL: http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/images/468x60.jpg

Wedding Photography Blueprint

<a href="your affiliate code here" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/images/468x60.jpg" width="468" height="60" border=0>

Sample Image

Banner Image URL: http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/images/affiliate-ad-728x90.jpg

Wedding Photography Blueprint

<a href="your affiliate code here" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/images/affiliate-ad-728x90.jpg" width="728" height="90" border=0>

Sample Image

Banner Image URL: http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/images/WPB-2.0-350x200.jpg

Wedding Photography Blueprint

<a href="your affiliate code here" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.weddingphotographyblueprint.com/images/WPB-2.0-350x200.jpg" width="350" height="200" border=0>

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  • "All going well here. Had a productive first wedding season with 12 weddings all in all and quite a few booked for next year. It's been a very enjoyable learning curve and something I wouldn't have been able to start on without your excellent course! - Clive Nolan"

  • "Just wanted to say thanks. I got the DVD course at the end of last year in preparation for a friends wedding. I gave them the photos last week and they are absolutely thrilled. Definitely could not have done it without your help. The basic camera setting you recommend in the DVD was worth the price on it's own. I didn't get a single badly exposed shot " - Lee Brookes, UK."

  • "Nick, Thank you very much. I purchased your Wedding Blueprint last year. Last Saturday, I did my first wedding. I used a lot of your tips and everything went better than planned. Thank you, your DVD's gave me the confidence I needed to do the job. The photos turned out better than I could of expected. Now all I can think of is, Roll on wedding number two, three,......etc etc. - Mick Lumley, IRELAND "

  • "I am so glad that I got that problem with PayPal sorted. I received the discs a few days later and all I want to say is "Wow, probably the best tutorials I have ever bought". The professionalism of the videos, the way it then cuts to show the result in Photoshop is awesome. You've a great manner and no ego and I can see you really want to get it across to your students. - T.H. Dublin."